About Ernie J. Zelinski

Ernie J. Zelinski is best known as the author of The Joy of Not Working: A Book for the Retired, Unemployed, and Overworked, published by Ten Speed Press in Berkeley, California. This international best-seller has sold over 175,000 copies and has been published in 16 languages (English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Polish, German, Portuguese, Greek, Dutch, Czech, Finnish, Indonesian, Turkish, and Italian).

To date Ernie has negotiated 79 book deals with publishers in 22 countries for his 12 books. Ernie's latest book Life's Secret Handbook for Having Great Friends will be published in late 2005 by Spanish and French publishers. His most recent published work How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free was released in the U.S. by Ten Speed Press and is already in its third printing with over 15,000 copies sold and 23,000 copies in print. In 2005 it will be published in China, South Korea, Taiwan, Greece, France, Japan, and Spain.

Feature articles about Ernie and his books have appeared in major newspapers including USA TODAY, National Post, Oakland Tribune, Boston Herald, Los Angeles Times, Toronto Star, and Vancouver Sun. He has been interviewed by over 100 radio stations and has appeared on CNN TV's Financial News, CBC TV's Venture, and CTV's Canada AM.

Surprisingly, Ernie has three books that have not been published in English but each has at least three foreign publishers. Ernie's tenth book 1001 Ways to Enjoy Your Retirement was published in 2004 by Korean, Spanish, and French publishers. His first inspirational fable Look Ma, Life's Easy was published in French by Stank, International and in Spanish by Amat Editorial (a division of Planeta) before it was published by Korean and Chinese publishers. 101 Really Important Things You Already Know, But Keep Forgetting was published in French, Korean, Spanish, Chinese simplified characters, and Chinese traditional characters.

The Lazy Person's Guide to Success was published in English by Ten Speed Press in October 2002. The French edition released in 2004 by Group Eyrolles in Paris has been a best-seller. This book has also recently been published by Lebanese, Brazilian, Indonesian, Spanish, Korean, Dutch, Taiwan, Chinese, and Japanese publishers.   

Ernie's small gift book called The Lazy Person's Guide to Happiness was originally self-published in Canada in September 2000. Thomas More Publishing in Allen, Texas, also published an English edition in the United States; it was subsequently published by French, South Korean, Spanish, German, Brazilian, Portuguese, and Japanese publishers.

The Joy of Not Being Married was published in Italian in 2003 after having been published in Spanish and in French in 2002. A self-published English edition sold over 10,000 copies in 1995 and 1996. Chinese and South Korean publishers also published this book. An expanded and  completely revised English edition will be published in the near future.

The Joy of Thinking Big was published in French by Stanké International in 2004. Ten Speed Press published this title in English after it had sold over 15,000 copies in two previously self-published editions. This was, in fact, Ernie's first book. It was also published in Spanish and Korean. Ernie's other books were Off the Wall: Graffiti for the Soul (Firefly Books) and Don't Hurry, Be Happy (Prima).

Ernie has a B.Sc. in Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Alberta. He speaks professionally on the subjects of book marketing, retirement, and applying creativity to business and leisure.

Ernie is uniquely qualified to write books such as How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free, given that he opted for semi-retirement when he was only 30 years old and close to financial bankruptcy (with a net worth of minus $30,000). Yet today Ernie is a prosperous writer, entrepreneur, and connoisseur of leisure who maintains a three- to four-hour workday and doesn't like to work at all in any month that doesn't have an "r" in its name. Ernie lives in Edmonton, where, besides hanging around his favorite coffee shops with his laptop, he enjoys running, cycling, tennis, reading, and traveling.

Ernie can be contacted at:                              


P.O. Box 4072

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6E 4S8

Phone 780- 434- 9202

E-mail: vip-books@telus.net